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The Unknown by loose-feathers The Unknown :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 1 5 Sea Air by loose-feathers Sea Air :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 1 0 Into Flight by loose-feathers Into Flight :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 2 0 Retaliate by loose-feathers Retaliate :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 2 0 Are You Coming? by loose-feathers Are You Coming? :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 1 0 Out of the Wilds by loose-feathers Out of the Wilds :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 1 0
The Wheels on the Bus
The man heaved a shudder of a breath then sighed and settled once more. I stroked a strand of his grey hair from his face, adjusted the tube feeding oxygen through to his nose, checked his drip and looked down at my watch hanging on my chest.
1:27pm. My shift was about to end. I exited the bay and headed toward the nurses station. I looked down the ward at a woman walking towards me. She looked harassed and lost. Her reddish hair appeared to be escaping from its lopsided restraints. It was cold out and her clothes were a mish-mash of layers.
She walked to me looking about her, frightened and upset.
"I'm here to see my dad – I had a phone call" she said her voice trembling.
"Are you Mr Peterson's daughter?" I asked knowing the answer, but checking just to be sure.
"Yes." She nodded, her eyes began to well up, "Is he…?"
She began to dither. I put my hand on her arm and smiled reassuringly.
"He's still here." She breathed a sigh of relief. However, I had to be honest with her. "
:iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 0 0
I'm taking this moment.
My slice of time,
from the oceanic abyss of reality.
For my own piece of mind.
I delve down past the rings
of my thoughts, flitting butterflies,
I search deeper.
Further to my hearts core.
My last ditch attempt to
understand my ways.
Here I find you,
always veiled in plain sight.
Waiting in my heart, for me,
to look your way,
to call for you to say
'Give up this circus that you hide behind.
Be real, and be mine'
Yet, to hear this said
would tear my world asunder.
I am chained too strong to another
to let this charade go further.
Hypocarcy rains down on my head,
drenched I float on, optionally unaware.
Choosing not to see what is wrapped around me.
Shutting myself from the sorrows I cause,
and, I'm sorry.
:iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 0 2
Evie at the Zoo by loose-feathers Evie at the Zoo :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 0 0
Devils Tongue
You speak with the devils tongue.
Arranging others to dance to your song.
Wordless traps, and wry tales
are your unspoken arsenels.
Many hearts fall foul to your lines;
Choreographed verses, time after time.
I have questions for that wicked grin.
When I want answers, I'll not give in.
What happens if they'll not respond
in the given script you want?
Your tricks are old, mine renewed.
So if you feel a little confused,
read my lips.
Even you could handle this.
:iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 1 7
Gentle whispers, down they fly
Tiny cotton stars falling far
Invisible magic from the sky.
:iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 0 2
What Can You Do?
What to do about you.
About me,
About the three
Of us that make it hard.
Go with your head –
Go with your heart.
If we're not apart
are we together?
Or just changing
Like this dead space weather.
Endless white noise ringing in my ear.
You tell your tales as I chase mine
Round, round, round.
To be this harsh should be a crime.
One of the heart.
Or one of the mind?
This no-mans-land is not so bad.
Long as you don't care
For the mirrors out there.
Hand to hand
Face to face
Cheek to lip,
Heart to soul.
So, take a turn around the bend
If you can make it,
you will see.
If you just stretch a little more,
Take breath down to your core.
You'll meet me
Halfway round an old oak tree.
Toes in the roots with my eyes up high.
Funny old world, isn't it?
:iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 0 0
I’ll start at the feet.
Where the ground and my emotions
Finally meet.
The ticks, tocks and tickles
Of the thoughts and the riddles,
Dancing with me in my minds eye.
My legs will betray
My every temper.
The wobble as I see you
To the anger that quivers,
And makes me want to collide
Your voice with mine.
Though my body is yours
You have no say,
How this works
When I do things my way.
Though it coaxes, invites and attracts
There remains the facts
That in my heart
I disregard, ignore,uninetntionly deny you
Everything you so much desire.
My arms altogether
A different game play.
My heart, soul, and life
Reach out to the world to say
Hello, goodbye.
I don’t know, and why.
My curiosity overflows.
From my fingertips
It pours to find pastures new,
New textures. New parts of you.
Is not ruled by my mouth.
It’s my eyes
that tell the truth among liars.
My mouth may caress,
But my ears undress,
To the essence of your true desires,
And knows just when to leave you again
:iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 0 4
Figure by loose-feathers Figure :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 1 0 Summer Rain by loose-feathers Summer Rain :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 0 0 At the Bar by loose-feathers At the Bar :iconloose-feathers:loose-feathers 0 0


Christmas card 2011 - Game of Thrones by TomBerryArtist Christmas card 2011 - Game of Thrones :icontomberryartist:TomBerryArtist 75 12 Blue by Qinni Blue :iconqinni:Qinni 6,063 227 Spiral Angel wrap by henning Spiral Angel wrap :iconhenning:henning 692 47 Lionfish Dragon by hibbary Lionfish Dragon :iconhibbary:hibbary 1,551 80 Skyfestival - Angel by henning Skyfestival - Angel :iconhenning:henning 212 25 To Catch A Moon-Fish by Qinni To Catch A Moon-Fish :iconqinni:Qinni 28,398 1,573
Vagabonds, Thieves and Fiends.
Seven knew: six were now dead.
Now I'm not saying I did it, though I'm not saying I didn't. (In fact, I'm just not saying anything ok?) Maybe they died of old age, maybe they just vanished one night after a showing at the opera. Maybe a drunk hit them with a car or a mall worker flipped and uzied them to death. Who knows, I don't. I definitely don't.
Either way, one was left. But I'm sure we'll get to him in due time. For now I was busy with Sally. She's this cute little eight or nine year old. Well I don't know maybe she's younger or older but I can't be much off. I found her one day down by the docks picking through the scrap heaps, foraging for shelter from the torrential rain that had come down upon us all of a sudden as it likes to do. I swear one minute you'll be out catching the rays and the next you're looking for Noah and his bleeding Ark. But as I was saying, there she was, scrawny as my little finger with this wild rat-like look in her eyes like she'd spent too much time dow
:iconsmidge17:smidge17 5 3
Music is My Life by Qinni Music is My Life :iconqinni:Qinni 25,474 1,080
Memoirs of a Schizophrenic
"But yes, yes, I am completely sane. As sure as the sky is blue. See? I speak now, and… and yes-I can speak... Doctor, you TOLD me I can go back to Frankie when I'll be well. And I AM well now. He beads...I mean… he needs me.
Tomorrow, you MUST let me go see him. I haven't seen his lovely red eyes for so long. Blue. I mean, blue eyes. Hahaha, no really who has red eyes?
I know he is missing Sandy.
Umm... Because Sandy is me of course… how could I forget?
It's just hard to get used to talking to real people, after all this time. Alone, in that cold, white room.
Yes, yes, I'm fine, Doctor. Cannot you see how well I'm thinking? I've stopped pulling my hair out now. Just sometimes, before I fall asleep, I feel my fingers creep up. Slowly. One finger at a time. Then it…they…clutch a strand of hair and they giggle as they try to pull it out. But-NO. I stop them!!! Yes, I DO. Because I'm all fine now, Doctor! I…I don't let them do things anymore.
Doctor, look, th
:icondevil-with-halo:devil-with-halo 23 46
The Lantern Prank
Your hands gently placed the thin lanterns on the tarp. My breath is visible in the air. Floating up and away like smoke from a fire. I watched it go up to the stars but then my eyes went back to you. Mittens hanging from your pale wrists as you lined up all the lanterns. I peered off the roof far down at the parking lot below us. Father Gerald is taking over tonight.
He leads the congregation in songs about the birth of Christ. The "real" reason for Christmas. This is more of a get together. A public choir concert done as a teaser for the big Christmas Eve party. They don't see us up on the roof. The rest of the younger generations in the congregation are with us. Lining up the lanterns on the tarp. Lighters in hand. Waiting for your command.
You look up at me and for a second I feel like I should look away. You hiss
:iconiisthewalrus:iisthewalrus 3 0
Fantasy Feline by hibbary Fantasy Feline :iconhibbary:hibbary 3,539 235
Baby Blues.
Those undulating waves of baby blues,
soaking my heart in unpredictable riptides,
plunging into the unrelenting ocean,
into a splash of serendipity.
Delicate hands clasp around mine,
gently squeezing for reassurance,
palms radiating off fervent sparks,
fingers entwined in perfect harmony.
Spurts of frivolous laughter,
escape into round about fits of giggles,
chiming dexterously into the atmosphere,
swinging her around for pretending to fly.
Sandy-beach blonde-spiked,
tendrils of fluffy bangs...
covering mystery eyes,
running fingers over his scalp:
the touch of soft skin.
Steady hearts beating in sync,
two fragile hearts of pure glass,
sticking tentatively together like glue,
each other's half handled with care.
Tick-tock, tick-tock chimes the clock,
counting down the moments worth sharing,
leaving plenty more for cherishing wholeheartedly,
always edifying my spirits and making me feel alive.
Stealing a few precious sentimental kisses,
those captivating baby blues saturating the air,
:iconth3chos3non3:Th3Chos3nOn3 18 17
Silk and Fireflies by LanWu Silk and Fireflies :iconlanwu:LanWu 3,242 165



United Kingdom
I'm a bit more than quirky but not quite crazy. (If you can say that there's an inbetween.) Unfortunately I often succeed in perpetuating the myth of all blondes. You know what I mean.
I work in the A&E at the hospital as many hours of the week as I can, big stress but great laughs and real nice people. Then what little spare time there is ends up devoted to my Neices and Nephews. Sam, Aaron, Ellen, Evie, and Jo-Jo. They're monsters but you've gotta love them. Other than that I live on my piano, in bed, or on a bus somewhere/waiting for one. (Public transport is pure evil!)

Current Residence: The corner drawers of my mind
deviantWEAR sizing preference: None of your business!
Print preference: Visible?
Favourite genre of music: Anything which caters to my current mood. Mostly Jazz, Swing with a little Rock here and there.
Operating System: Laparoscopic
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Shell of choice: Angel-winged Clam
Wallpaper of choice: Swarovski - Plume
Skin of choice: Mine.
Favourite cartoon character: Dori . Calcifer. Hinata
Personal Quote: I'm blonde, not stupid. (There IS a difference)
  • Listening to: Newton Faulkner
  • Reading: American Gods
  • Watching: Pirates of the Caribbean (3)
  • Eating: Late Breakfast
  • Drinking: Strawberry Ribena
In short A&E is an epic place to work.

We work some of the longest shift hours in the possible but you wouldn't know it. The time flies!  You will never get one day the same as the one before, and you never know what you're going to get.

It's barely been three weeks and i've learned how to do ECG's, I'm going to be learning how to take bloods soon, we've delivered a baby, sutured heads, brought people back to life. If you can handle pressure and have a good sense of humour then its a fantastic place to work.

There is a downside. You do not get to have a life outside of it. There are simply not enough hours in the day, so that is a choice I made when I took this job, that it was more important to me than a social life. I know I sound like a weirdo, but I don't care. I'm happy.

Right, gotta go, work calls!

Loves. xx


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